polluted waters : cry of a dying river


sneak peak

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The aim of this project is to bring to light the escalating danger to the river Yamuna. It deals specifically with the three most dangerous threats to the river. The first being the raw sewage that is pumped into Yamuna’s waters everyday, the collective filth of the entire city of Delhi, pours almost unchecked into the river causing immeasurable harm.

T­he second is the municipal and industrial waste that factories of all kinds dump into Yamuna. The effect of the various chemicals can be seen by the naked eye. During my research I was exposed to innumerable pictures of the sickly, unnatural foam that covers Yamuna looking like nothing less then the symptoms of disease and so inspiring the central plot of my novel. Our progress can be measured by the harm that it has had on this once beautiful river, and we must atone for it. In my mind the only way we can make a real difference is to raise awareness and with novel I hoped to do just that.

The third cause of pollution to the river comes from the people who know her most intimately. The thousands of people who live on Yamuna’s banks, bathe in her, and worship her are also hastening the process of her death. The bodies that are thrown into the river to attain “purity” and the idols that are immersed by the tens of thousands in her waters as a symbol of communicating with the divine are slowly but surely choking the life out the very object of worship. The irony of a people killing their god through the act of worship, and the fact that their goddess, the river Yamuna, can be killed because she is alive in a very real and tangible sense provided the final basis for my novel’s plot.

Faith has tremendous power in our country, and big industry is the medium through which we have achieved such greatness as a people. These powerful forces have been used to destroy something sacred, but I believe that they can be used to make a difference. The power of our ingenuity combined with the power of our faith should be enough to give Yamuna and ourselves a second chance.


final frames

The river yamuna is dying, decades of pollution are starting to take effect. As the great river’s life ebbs away, the goddess who is the river also slowly succumbs to the disease that is pollution.

Her eminent demise causes a stir amongst the pantheon of the gods. Yamunas brother Yamraj the god of death wishes revenge on the humans who are responsible. It is up to Indra, the king of the gods to come up with a solution. What follows is a test of humankinds worth with the life of a beautiful goddess, a mighty river, and our own future at stake.

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thumbnails for act 3

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thumbnails for act 2 : C

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thumbnails for act 2 : B

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thumbnails for act 2: A

here are a couple of sketches/thumbnails for my act 2 , part A…

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these are just thumbnails where i was figuring out what comes where, who says what, layout, ect….

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